Monday, May 11, 2009

Fashion Do - Feiyues When Not Training

I saw this picture in The New York Times Travel section this weekend. The article was about how affordable Portland is. The picture was to point out that Portland can be easily navigated by bike. But it's not the bike that caught my eyes, it was the shoes.

From NY Times

Most of us have more than a few pairs of Feiyues at home - probably a good pair for training and multiple holey and raggedy pairs. I wear these old pairs sometimes on weekends when I knew I would be doing some kinds of Kung Fu (almost every weekend). I once wore it to a physical therapy session and got a compliment ("They are cute!")

So as a self-appointed fashion guru, I say wearing Feiyues casually is a DO.

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  1. Interesting,I just stumbled on you blog and I tend to agree, but I've never seen anyone but me wearing them in Portland. I wear them for parkour and wear them mostly to aclimate myself to the lack of cusioning, but I don't mind the look at all (I'm a guy)