Monday, August 4, 2008


Saturday was my first weekend class in what felt like a million years. The last day class I did was on a Monday and that was three weeks ago. I forgot how it feels to have training be the first thing you do after getting up, and not being preoccupied with what you have to do afterward.

It was a small class, 15 of us, and I remembered the first time I ever led line: it was also a weekend class, a class of 12, and I thought my head would explode.

This time I was leading line as well, but I felt much more prepared to do so. Leo was on the other line and for the first few rounds of caijiao we were kicking in perfect synchronization. It was lots of fun, and in spite of the small class I felt we would be able to keep the chi going. I thought so anyways. But all that chi meant we were pushing ourselves really fast, and by ceshoufan I was, irritatingly, barely holding myself up. And when we finished the first half of class it was only 11:25!!

The second half of class it started getting darker and darker, and finally, a thunderstorm broke. I felt rejuvenated. Maybe because it broke the heat and humidity, or it eased up the air pressure, but it really lifted my flagging chi, and made the intimidating 1hr and 20 minute second half of class much more attack-able. And when class was over, it felt wonderful to not have to go home and get ready for work the next day or actually run off TO work itself. I think Saturday might be my favorite day to train. I mean, every day, is my favorite day to train... But Saturday is my most favorite.

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  1. Saturday was indeed fun! What is it about Thunderstorms that makes training so magical? Maybe the weather was mimicking the fierce chi we were brewing within us. Pushed to the limit until nature finally lets out a lightning cry of "More chi!"