Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Mix Up

Last night at training I was without my usual crew of dorks; no De, Richu, Sucheela, or Mo! Very unusual on a Monday night. What’s more, none of the usual suspects for teaching were there either, and in the end, Randy was called on to teach class. I’ve never had a class with Randy, but I love his chi when he leads line so I knew it would be a great time. He really got our chi going, and that, combined with my being in the front of the line, pushed me really hard the whole class.

One thing this class did bring to light, was how much, I get in a zone and block out everything else that’s going on. Not that I’m kicking people or whatever, just that I am in my own world. When Randy asked me to break down my xuanzi for the people who never did it, I for no understandable reason, started explaining tornado. Weird that I would go there because my tornado is even worse than my xuanzi. I guess I have worked really hard at turning my brain off during class, so now when called upon to start working, there were some neurological misfires. Maybe I don't need the brain OFF, just muted.

In any case, it was a great night and I sweat more than I have in awhile. -‘Course it was also 80 degrees or so- Still, at the end of class I really felt I had trained as hard as I could and that’s the most any of us can ask of ourselves. Afterwards we didn't get Thai son or Marco Polo, or even Korean, we went and got Malaysian food. Delicious, but what a crazy mixed-up night!

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  1. Hehe, reminds me of the one time I led the line during testing. Sifu said "Neo, I think you spend too much time in the next planet."