Monday, May 26, 2008


It would be impossible to do justice to the entire awesomeness, and all the fun shenanigans from this weekend's retreat, so I will try to sum up my top ten moments.

10. Yummy thai food. Congee for breakfast is the bomb.

9. Learning the second posture for the chi gong form, Yi jin jing. Starting the day's training with chi gong was very beautiful and remarkably invigorating. The five postures we learned were all fun and definitely challenging, but my favorite was the second: opening your chest and standing, legs apart, arms and fingers outstretched, face to the sky. It made me feel tall, strong, open, and totally connected with the day and the people around me.

8. Diving into the ocean after our final kung fu class. Freezing cold, and kinda rocky, but totally fun and refreshing. When you're near the ocean, you gotta jump in. Thanks for leading the pack, Mo!

7. Learning more DHQ. Self-explanatory.

6. Being the first person in the shower on Saturday night. After a day training in the sun, there's nothing more satisfying than beating the masses back to the monastery. Important high-point. :)

5. Spending evenings around the fire talking to my Shaolin brothers and making new friends. Whether talking to an old friend and learning more about them, or chatting with someone newly introduced to temple, it was a wonderful opportunity bonding with everyone, laughing non-stop, and trying unsuccessfully to find a song to which everyone knew the lyrics.

4. Chocolate chili cookies. Sucheela is a genius. Totally great (spicy!) cookie and a super way to make new friends.

3. Getting to see the stars at night walking through the woods. The country girl in me felt at home. It felt amazing to be out of this city, smelling the woods and seeing the stars.

2. Our Shaolin brother John Sid sleeping outside at the fire with a brick as a pillow. HARDCORE!

1. Knowing that even though this one is over, I will get to come back again.

How about everyone else?


  1. Making fun of Jaka. I'm so sorry. But you are truely lovingly funny.

    Watermelon after the Saturday afternoon class.

    Falling asleep listening to the sound of the ocean and my dorky friends practicing kungfu.

    Heng Yu's stick. :D

  2. Oh yes the stick!

    Also: Massage circle.
    Thai-iced tea.
    Being able to repeat the heart sutra for real.

  3. The stick tickling everyones hammy.

    Chess with Randy.

  4. Leading the morning run across the beach to the pier and back.

    Walking through the forest in the middle of the night without a flashlight.

  5. the temple. noticing how wherever we go together, we bring the temple with us.

  6. Peanut butter on a spoon.
    Sea-glass hunting.
    The field of buttercups.
    Getting cuddles on demand. Better than TiVO!