Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Know Yourself (& What You Eat)

A recent visit to my doctor for my yearly physical revealed I had put on some weight. *Gasp!* My guess is that while I was unable to train at full-steam due to my knee injury, I still ate as though I was training 3 or 4 times a week. And now that I'm training again pretty steadily, I am gaining back the muscle mass that I lost during that period, and while muscle weighs more than fat, I still have quite a bit of flab to lose.

So I decided to make losing weight one of my goals before the next testing in October. I figure it'll lessen the load on my decrepit knees, and hopefully allow me to run and jump better, which will only serve me well once I get into Level 2.

Mind you, I've never done the diet thing. And, yes, diet might be a dirty word, but I think we all could benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables, and less barbecue and White Castle (but not cupcakes). As recommended by Cheng, I started a food log this week to keep track of what exactly I do consume. I don't imagine I'll do it for too long, but I do want a better idea of whether I'm getting the proper balance of carbs, proteins, fats and fiber. And to make myself more accountable, I decided to document my progress on a separate blog. Already in just the two days of charting my food intake, I have learned how to make better food choices and have done some reading on nutrition.

I invite you to check out my newest blog, and please give me any tips you might have. Like I said, I have never done this sort of thing before and would undoubtedly benefit from the wealth of knowledge the dorks could share. It won't be the most exciting blog, but maybe we can all learn to be more aware of what we eat. Amituofo!


  1. That is excellent Qbertplaya!

    My dad is a nutritionist and I have way too many nutrition books and articles strewn all over my apartment. I used to be really fat (215 lbs!) and my parents sent me an article a day. (Seriously) So...If you need any advice or resource, please let me know.

    This site is also an excellent resource.

    Diet and Nutrition

    They also have a great "Estimated Calorie Requirement" calculator.

    Calorie Calculator

    They also have a great food exchange journal and a great deal of good advice for diet and exercise.

    Please also be careful to eat a balanced diet. Too many fad diets just concentrate on a few elements. And actually worsen the condition.

    Eat happily and your body will love you for it! :D

  2. You are hottt! But ain't nothin' wrong with giving thought and love to what you put in your body.

    I agree with Leo-- it's super important to make sure that you feel good while you are eating, as opposed to feeling guilty, etc.

    With mindful eating, you'll start to hone in on when something just isn't going to cut it for quality or quantity. You can't lose with that approach! Er... I mean. Figuratively. Er... I mean. You CAN lose, but that means winning! Er...

    YAY!! Good luck! I will support (and possibly join) you all the way!