Sunday, May 11, 2008

A bounce in my step, a spring in my heart!

In the changing room on Friday, while my gaze was fixed on the ground (changing room etiquette), I noticed that Richu has inserts in his feiyues. I asked what they were and Eric answered for Richu that they were for support. Then he said, "You gotta have 'em when you're a high-flier. Leo, you're a high-flier too, you gotta get them. Your knees and back need support."

After thinking about it quickly, it makes perfect sense. Maybe that's how I hurt my lower back during testing. So Saturday, I went out and got the Dr. Sholl's Tri-Comfort Orthopedic insert.

On Sunday, I got a chance to try them out for the first time. I have to say, Temple training is a whole new experience. I don't know why I didn't get them a year ago! They felt really good! They made my every step have a bounciness instead of the ground jarring sensation each time after a kick, move, or jump. The Feiyues don't offer much in the arch support area. Actually, they barely offer any support. They are flat and unforgiving. The best running shoes have amazing support because the foot is constantly pounding the pavement/ground. Even though we are on carpet, our repeated kicks and foot hitting the ground will take its toll. It's one reason on the first step of my gongbu, I never seem to feel right. The heel hitting the ground too hard always sends a vibration up my spine that I don't particular like. Today, that first step felt kinda nice! I was genuinely surprised!

There is a drawback though. It threw off my balance quite a bit, especially in forms. I wasn't used to having an extra layer in my shoes. And the bouncy support also changed how my stances were executed. But, by the end of class, my balance adjusted and I feel that with a little more getting used to, my forms will be even better than before.

There are different type of sole inserts. Some are for arch support; Some for knee support; Some for lower back pain. Maybe I'll mix it up and see which one I like best. Or maybe I should get something like this? Do you think 師父 (Shifu) would approve? My 騰空翻腰 (Tengkong fanyao) would really soar!! :D


  1. i bought these dr. scholl's a few months ago after talking to richu. i remember experiencing the same initial sense of imbalance the first class i trained with them, so much so that i twisted my ankle doing my first gongbu that day. yeesh. but i'm used to them now and have been using them with no problem. i figure it ought to help alleviate the pressure on my knees somewhat, and any other pounding my feet are taking.

  2., baybe. With that kinda bounce, even I could "land" a tornado.

    (Where "land" = "break every bone in my body")

  3. I saw them too at first, but I don't really like the gel feeling on my feet. I feel they are really destabilising for me. Have they helped you? Does your knee feel better?

  4. Them powerskips look so much fun!! I want one!!! :D

  5. Leo I'll give you a dollar and KFC Biscuit (w/ Gravy) if you train in those boots!!

  6. lol...I would totally do it, if I could get my hands on a pair. Shifu will probably want a pair too.

  7. Leo @11:18 --

    i dunno if they've helped. i'm always struggling with my balance regardless, and my knee was on the mend anyway, so any benefit/harm due to the gel inserts i got are not clear, other than that one time i twisted my ankle. i bought them for cheap at century 21 in reaction to some nerve pain i was experiencing in my foot/heel, and i haven't had that same pain again, so perhaps they're doing something good.

    if anything, the inserts my help me maintain the structural integrity of the soles of my feiyues a little better, since my sweat isn't reaching the soles as much and therefore not disintegrating them as fast!

  8. I started using these. As I out weigh you all by about 100 pounds, I think I know what works. THese are warmed up in the oven, then you put them in the shoes and put them on. The insoles mold to to your feet and distribute the weight equally. THis cured long term foot pain and helped with jumping pain in the knees and ankles. WOrth a look. AMitoufo.