Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Lately, in spite of trying to bring the chi, I've been feeling sort of degenerative and sloppy. Training has been good, but I haven't felt that super about my performance. Not a good feeling right before testing. Luckily, the last few classes things finally started to click, I felt like I was training hard and actually pushing through to a new level instead of training hard and feeling like I'm getting worse. Maybe it's because Friday N'ou came back after a long absence from Level 2. (I love all our L2 teachers but no one pushes us quite like N'ou.) Maybe it was training 6 days last week, I was not just maintaining but moving forward. Or maybe it was going off coffee for a week..... Whatever the cause I was in a really good place - which is why I was so bummed when I got sick yesterday.

Monday morning I biked to work, and felt ok. But as the day progressed I got more and more tired and started coughing something fierce; I knew I shouldn't/couldn't train. Coming home to a fever of 102, I saw I had made the right decision. Aside from possibly passing out, it was wise because there is no greater sin than making everyone else sick right before testing. But now as I sit here tonight, continuing to recuperate, knowing they are just now starting forms, I am really lamenting my terrible luck in falling sick. But is it bad luck? Or is it possible, **gasp**, I over-trained and weakened my immune system? Now that's just crazy talk. Everyone knows training kills sick. I'll be back in action tomorrow, but will the streak be gone? I don't want to lose the chi! Testing is coming! Sick delirium spiraling into illogical panic and nervous breakdown! Ok, so KF does make you sick, but in a mentally ill way... :P


  1. you had a thermometer in your apt? whenever i feel sick, i think, oh, i should go buy a thermometer, but i'm usually too woozy to venture outdoors. maybe i'll go pick one up just for the sake of preparedness.

    i'm quite pleased that i managed to escape any head colds or my usual sinus infection this winter. now it's just contending with springtime allergy sniffles!

  2. Sorry to hear you are still sick! Hope you feel better soon!

    Over-training without proper nutrition and enough recuperation could weaken your immune system.

    Only you know your body the best.