Saturday, March 29, 2008

Expiration Date

Thursday night was my first night back at temple after almost 3 weeks. And I'm still recovering. I am sore all over and it leads me to wonder why my muscles have lost their chi so quickly. Is there an expiration date in all of us? Is there a number of days we have to use our muscles and train or we start losing the flexibility and strength? Is there a time limit or can we prolong it by adding quarters cross training? What about stamina? To keep the chi up throughout basics is a must. But what goes first? Stamina? Flexibility? Strength? Maybe I'm just getting old, and my body is no longer able to keep up its stamina and strength without constant training.

I am thinking of this only because I foresee a future where I am working on TV/Film sets or the stage all the time and all over the world and have much less time to come train at temple. It's very hard to train while working 12 hour days being emotionally available. It's a different kind of training. More like chi kung. Energy based. An internal style.

Well, it sounds like I need to stop whining and writing and actually get my sorry sore butt to temple. How else am I going to get that CHI back?!!


  1. Amituofo Leo,

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Since my visits to train at the temple are not as close togehter as I'd like, every time I train, it is as though I have started all over. My training of Chan Quan at home still doesn't keep me prepared for Temple class and all the classes I take in modern dance and ballet do little but to keep my fleixbility awake.
    But, as a wise teacher of mine said on more than one occasion...

    MORE CHI! TRAIN HARDER! (to all of us)


  2. Leo, what are you talking about? Waking up and blogging at 8:54am on Saturday morning... That's Chi. I tell you.