Friday, January 18, 2008

Synchronized 二路拳

Are the stars beginning to align? Or is there some magical chi mist that has descended upon our fellow brethren at the Shaolin Temple? For the past few level 1 classes, especially in the daytime, I've noticed that most of the regular level 1 folks are either done or almost done learning erluquan. This could mean that there will be a unprecedented (my exaggeration probably) number of people testing erluquan. By my count, there could be about 14 of us.

It's very fascinating and rewarding to go through a process with the same group of people. I know that Cheng, Mo, and Qbertplaya (edit. -- and Sucheela!) went through a similar experience last Fall when they were all preparing to test erluquan and were helping each other to ignite the chi. You form a very special bond. Like when we were all freshmen in high school walking into the cafeteria for the first time. We just naturally gravitate towards each other and cower sit at the same table.

By having a large group, it's also has been a wonderful way to polish our own techniques by watching others perform the same movements over and over again. For us daytime folks, we are even more lucky, because we get to have Shifu watch and teach us erluquan. In fact, it's not uncommon to see more than two people working on the form at the same time. And on those rarest of occasions, a 4-person synchronized erluquan.


  1. you forgot to count me! I was finishing at the same time as Mo Cheng and Ellen too!!!


  2. well, lucky me, i get to bond with those who will test erluquan all over again!

  3. Amituofo! I knew I forgot somebody!! How could I forget the unforgettable?!! :D