Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quadruple Happiness!

Though I was exhausted when it started, here are four reasons why today was good, in chronological order:

1. At the end of the day, I found out from my boss that I received the maximum possible raise and

2. maximum bonus possible at work. This is fantastic.

3. During training tonight, Heng Han had us do this lovely move in line -- a Ceshoufan in place, 5 times. What came to mind was a needle and thread, sewing ahead a little bit, but always backtracking as reinforcement -- move ahead, sure, but keep the foundation strong. And it also made me think of how the universe folds back into itself, and joyfully re-discovers itself anew each time. As I flipped around over and over, I kept thinking, "That's where I was! And here I am! And there I go!" but I was going everywhere and nowhere. It didn't feel like I ever really strayed much from the space on the carpet containing my cartwheels, but still I felt like I was infinitely expansive -- like scuba diving, or elation.

4. We started Xiaohongquan tonight. It felt beautiful, raising your arm, making fists, keeping them tight and close, and dingbu, and gongbu, and gongbu, and that quick shift, chambered hands, it felt really good.

Icing was getting to see some of what Cheng, Richu and De learned in Austria. Sprinkles on the icing is that my fatigue and bedtime are currently aligned. Quadruple happy good nights!


  1. Congratulations on the raise and bonus!!!

    And Xiaohongquan! Yay!!!

    I always think that this form looks super cool especially when you start slowly... slowly... and then strike! strike! strike!

  2. Every day is fantastic!!

    Congratulations on the raise, bonus, and learning a new form!!