Monday, November 5, 2007


In class yesterday, during forms, Heng Ji and I were on the floor doing erluquan when Sifu told us to stop. Then he had everyone in the forms line work on their arm rotations and do erluquan for him individually while he corrected us as we went. Even when an older student who had been teaching came over to do a quick form, Sifu had them do the same thing. It was a reminder that even the older, more advanced students can slip into bad habits, and that no matter how long you’ve been training there’s always refining that needs to be done even on a Level 1 form.

It’s hard to remember every detail of each move every single time you do it. But there are definitely places where I’m making the same errors again and again. Also it’s interesting to see the places where we all have compensated the same way, or are making the same mistake. It was good to work those things out; I feel like my erluquan is gradually getting stronger and cleaner. Yet if yesterday taught me anything, it will always be able to get even stronger and even cleaner no matter how far I get.


  1. Recently, Sifu has been refining movements for all of the forms. It's definitely awesome get some refinement on the moves. :)

  2. Question:
    As we all know, all of our bodies are different, either in shape and size. And sometimes just the natural way we move our bodies.... When do you draw the between style and having to refine the movements to look exactly how its taught?

    Question 2:
    How come there has not been any posts by the other Kung Fu Dorks lately?

  3. Answer 1: Actually, Sifu was talking about that the other day. He said that kung fu is like art and that no one's art looks the same but you still have to first learn technique. Then you can adapt that technique to your style.

    Answer 2: Sadly, Qbertplaya is out for awhile with her knee injury. But she's getting better every day! Sucheela is in South America currently on vacation. Quantao aka Heng Ji has lots of wonderful personal life developments keeping him occupied, and Heng Mo, well she's just lazy :P JK, Mo! I'm only temping work-wise, so I've been training the most hence it's been mostly me posting of late. Thank you to my faithful readership :)