Thursday, October 4, 2007

SAT - Shaolin Aptitude Test

Last class before testing... I had to keep repeating that in my head tonight. The air was THICK. When did summer come back? I got the old woozy-hazy-super sweaties and each time I did a full run of erluquan I thought I was not going to make it to the end. I mean it was hotttttt, man. And during warm up I aggravated the rip in my cotton pants, so I had to plow through with only one uniform. But last class before testing, gotta bring the chi. (Yes I bring it every day, etc. etc., but you know what I mean.)

So I was going to list out what I think are my weakest spots and what last minute tweaking I hope to achieve before Saturday. But I realized, I don't want to get stressed and analytical about testing. I am comfortable with where I am and am looking forward to showing that progress to Sifu. This isn't a test for cramming. And I feel I'm as prepared as I can be, if not as awesome at the sweep as I want to be. So I just want to say Amituofo to everyone testing, more chi, test harder!

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