Monday, October 22, 2007

"Double your pleasure, double your fun!"

Today was a hallmark in my training journey. For many reasons, but it started off with training two classes.

Yes, two. Something I had once spoken of jokingly to Level 2 students long ago has recently becoming a more plausible concept to me. And as I'm currently work free, was three days off the training wagon recuperating my legs, and had Heng De singing the benefits of double training, I decided to make today the day.

Level 1 was officially the smallest class I've ever attended. TEN people. And for the first time ever I was the most advanced student in the class. It was a sort of awesome and yet frightening feeling. It was an excellent but very tiring class with so few students. It was not what I would have chosen for the class to precede what was going to be only my third L2 class.

big lunch and a bit of a nap later.....

I rolled myself into class tonight feeling groggy, but more from having napped in the middle of the day than muscle tiredness. I warmed up light because my body was still surprisingly flexible in spite of having taken a nap, and even though I was feeling normal I felt compelled to save every ounce of energy for class.

It was remarkable. It was far and away easier than my last two L2 experiences. Or, not easier exactly, but my chi didn't abandon me midway. It kept on going right up to the end, even through the arduousness of learning a new move (my first new L2 move!!!) and doing sweeps and five kicks till the end of class.

Tired? yes. A little sore? Yes. Going to sleep very well tonight? Yes. Dead and never want to train again? No! I feel outstanding, and while I may not make it a regular occurrence (I really couldn't do anything else with my day between classes but eat and nap) I'm definitely glad I did it and look forward to doing it again. Apparently chi isn't something you use up, but something that builds and expands upon itself, so that the more you train the more chi you actually have. This is a very scientific theory rooted in physics and elaborate math equations, I know, but whatever. I'm just glad it happened because after the grueling mental and physical mess of Thursday, I needed the resurgence of the chi. So now I know, next time I'm feeling flat, don't take the day off, double it up!


  1. You did have a lot of chi yesterday. And you were so happy after the class too!

    PS. I still think that the move looks like Pacman.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations on going to Level 1 and Level 2! Yeah, the day classes can be a little brutal right now because a few of the regular day people are in level 2. On Friday, we had 7 people and Shifu. That was fun. Lots of 吃苦(eating bitter) but was an awesome class. And I had an epiphany while leading the line and messing up gong bu as if I have never done before. Shifu won't send you to the side line (Kung Fu Kindergarten) if you are leading the line! Okay, maybe if you are really really REALLY messing up and if you are a first timer, he'll tell you to get out of there, but I thought I was for sure going to be sent to the back. I can only imagine what the rest of the line thought as they watched me mess up gong bu over and over. :)

    On a side note, I went to see Shi De Chao, Justin Guariglia and Matthew Polly (author of American Shaolin) at Barnes and Noble yesterday. The discussion was really interesting. Lots of little tidbits of knowledge to share. And I videotaped Shi De Chao do 2 forms. He did xiao hong quan and another form I vaquely recognize. Maybe Heng De can clear it up for us. We can take a look and see if it differs from ours. He sure has made it his though. He didn't do the hand slapping thing that you guys talked about last time. Although he really wanted to.