Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Long time, no chi.

In spite of my best efforts to ignore it, and the wonderful enthusiasm of my fellow dorks, I have been feeling low chi for the past several classes. I don't know if it's work-related stress, lethargy from the heat, or being thrown from my regular training schedule, but I have had a hard time feeling motivated. Last night, finally, the chi returned. I admit I had a little coffee before class, which I'm sure sparked my initial energy, but the anticipated crash never came. Instead I felt awesome all the way to the end. It was a big group, several new/trial people, and everyone was constantly clapping and yelling more chi! etc. I had a great time and it helped me remember how much fun training is. I mean the physical act. I always have fun with the people there and after class I always feel a winner, but lately being in class itself had taken a lot of strength to make it through. Last night was still hard (i.e., erluquan feels so long and I'm like 1/3 through!!), but I was enjoying myself again.

Also, since my mom is visiting this weekend, I knew that the next time I train she will be watching, and that inspired me to train harder. I haven't seen her for over a year, which is a lot for me. We're really close, so I'm very excited to share with her this thing that has become such a big part of my life. I think I'm bringing her Sunday since that seems to be when more people will be there. I can't wait for her to meet all you crazy dorks!


  1. For me, the no-chi syndrome is mostly because of irregular training schedule.... and other things.

  2. I brought my mom to a day class one Wednesday just a few months after I started training. She talked to Shifu in Mandarin, and I had no idea what was said. After class, I asked her what was discussed, and she said (1) all I ever talk about now is kung fu, and (2) she told Shifu to be the best teacher to me possible, which in the Chinese culture, apparently means, yell at her lots.

    Anyway, I'll be there on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to meeting your mom!

  3. Maybe your mother indirectly gave permission to shifu to you yell at you. :) J/K! We love you Qbertplaya!!