Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweep you off your feet!

Ok, so I won't actually... and I know this is the third post in two days about sweeping, but I officially learned the sweep yesterday. Huzzah! So sad Qbertplaya wasn't there to take part! Almost didn't come to class myself, as I was out till 3 with some other kf dorks to see an art show of a couple of former temple students. Good times, but I didn't anticipate waking up in the morning until about noon. Luckily I was up in plenty of time and got to go to a great class and learn something new. Has "learning" the sweep brought me to new levels of understanding of the move? Wellllll...... ok it's still murder trying to kick around, but I understand the mechanics better now. And at the end I did get around pretty well a couple times. Off to class again in hopes of learing even more!

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