Friday, June 1, 2007

Keep your back leg straight! Body facing forward!

Yesterday Shifu had us do Gongbu on his count back and forth about 600 times. During which he went around and corrected each of our stance. I heard him say:

Keep your back leg straight! (This one was for me.)

Body facing forward!

Your palm sideway! No sleeping style palm!

Strike at chest level!

Don't slide your foot!

Lower stance!



The class was small and it was warm. Shifu might have taken pity on us and slowed down the pace while correcting our basic moves.

I thought we were going to do Gongbu until the end of time. But eventually, we moved on to Cetitui for another 6000 times...

Fun class...


  1. oh wow! sounds tough!

    maybe a teeny part of me is now not so upset that i got stuck at the office and had to do a report instead of doing a gongbu clinic.

    man...can't wait to train on will have been over a week!

  2. Haha. I remember the time, not so long ago, that I got sent to kung-fu kindergarden and spent the entire second half of class doing gongbu. Man, did I ever hurt after that. Improved my gongbu a lot, though!

    Sunday should be a lovely day to train outside, have an awesome time!