Friday, May 4, 2007

To Train or Not to Train

It was a decision today to come to the class. My nose is still stuffy. There are things to finish at work. I didn't train for a week it would be difficult and I would die. But it would be good for me to train - and most of all I missed the company of my fellow Kung Fu Dorks...

Made it through the training. It wasn't as difficult as I had thought. There were a lot of chi going around. The stuffy nose cleared with a few blows into my uniform. :P

There were two new guys at the class today (Assante and Simon?). They joined us for dinner after the training. One of the guys kept saying that we trained at a great temple with great people.

I was proud.

I love training here and hanging out with people I train with. It's nice to hear somebody else from the outside confirm it.


  1. Awww....we were happy to see you back, too!

  2. i say this all the time but it's a great pleasure to train & hang out with you guys. i look so forward to it & miss it when i don't get to train!

  3. i miss all you guys' company too -_- only 2 more weeks!

    but yea when i have that decision to make i always feel good after i go, and if i don't i'm always like damn i should have gone lol